FI LCCh MH Primada Are U Superstitious "Mysti"

female, redbrindle
d.o.b. 23.11.2014
official measurement 45,7cm (age 2 years)
Breeder & owner: Anne Naukkarinen, kennel Primada, Finland
Results, health facts etc.  
From shows CQ
From lure coursing FI LCCh
From oval track 280m 20,21sec
350m 25,29sec
MH-test passed (mental describe) 2016
Heart Ultrasounded (doppler) mitral dysplasia, no murmurs and no symptoms (04/2017)
Eyes ECVO exam 10/2017 clear
Other health Hips A/A, elbows 0/0, spine LTV1, VA0, SP0 and thoracic spine lordosis, MyDogDNA-profile


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